London: Catching lies cannot become easier than this. Lies can easily be spotted with the help of a computer, say scientists. A team at the University of Buffalo has developed a new software that focuses solely on the subject's eyes, monitoring the movements of the pupils, which determines if someone is telling you the truth or lying.
For their study, the scientists recorded a series conversations in which a number of lies were told. And having tested their program against a trained human interrogator, they found that the software had a higher success rate.
While the specially trained examiner correctly identified 65 percent of false statements, the computer recorded an impressive 82.5 percent reading.
"What we wanted to understand was whether there are signal changes emitted by people when they are lying, and can machines detect them?" Prof Ifeoma Nwogu said.
In fact, the study focused around conversations in which subjects could chose whether or not to steal a cheque, before later being questioned on their decision.
A wide range of individuals were selected, with varying skin colours, age and height with someone even wearing glasses in an attempt to conceal their lies.
Despite most of those interviewed being caught out, there were a select number who managed to keep their eye movements to a bare minimum, which consequently resulted in the wrong conclusions.
Now, the scientists plan to carry out additional studies on a larger scale with a long-term view to developing a system that could work alongside human interrogators.