New Delhi: A host of issues ranging from plans to bring FDI in retail, assistance to farmers in areas which has got less rains and a fair deal to the handicapped were raised in the Lok Sabha during Zero Hour on Friday.

Anant kumar Hegde (BJP) said the move to bring FDI in retail was fraught with dangerous consequences and warned that the Government should not do any haste in the matter.

Bhartruhari Mahtab (BJD) wanted Government to give crop loans at concessional rates to farmers in areas which have got scanty rains.

Datta Meghe (Cong) made a strong plea for a fair deal to the handicapped noting that there were some seven crore disabled in the country.

Vijay Bahuguna (Cong) underlined the need to provide more funds to the Border Roads Organization and the National Highway Authority of India for Uttarakhand.

He said the state of roads is bad in the hilly state where lakhs of pilgrims come to visit Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamnotri.

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh (RJD) complained against the Postal Department's move to close the "Under Postal Certificate" scheme which helped the poor to send their mail at cheap rates.

PL Punia (Cong) demanded that the second tranche of MPLAD funds should be released at the earliest as only Rs one crore for each MP has been disbursed so far this fiscal.

The Government has increased the quantum of funds under the scheme to Rs five crore per year from each MP from Rs 2 crore.