In view of prevailing situation in Pakistan it becomes imperative for the Indian government to review the country’s national security. Now, it is expected that the Prime Minister, Defence Minister, NSA and the heads of the Defence Services delved deeper in the recently held meeting last year to asses and review wider aspect of the national security keeping a long term plan for its viability. India will have to remain extra vigilant, especially when America is likely to expedite the process of pulling its army out of Afghanistan after hunting down Osama bin Laden who was found hiding in Pakistan. India will now have to be certainly watchful of Afghanistan as well Pakistan when it comes to its national security issue. Indian Prime Minister might have realized while visiting Afghanistan recently, terrorism is still the biggest threat to Afghanistan. It’s crystal clear that pro-Pakistan forces would become dominant in Afghanistan in wake of American and NATO forces pulling out of the war-torn country. India cannot afford to be satisfied with the fact that it is making all the effort to rebuild Afghanistan. It is incumbent on the Indian dispensation to ensure that the reconstruction process in Afghanistan does continue and it can be achieved only by pressing upon Pakistan to stop its exercise of controlling Afghanistan by proxy. India will also have to sell the argument to the international community including the US that leaving Afghanistan on its own at this juncture will finally result into providing an opportunity to the extremist forces, being harboured in Pakistan, to take over the reins of the strife-stricken country.

India did the right thing by not giving credence to the veiled threat of ISI chief Shuja Pasha. As such threats do not hold any relevance rather it indulges into unnecessary war of words leaving no solution to the problem. In fact, keeping deaf ear to such rants coming across the border, India can enhance its image as a ‘responsible nation’ unlike Pakistan before the international community. However, it cannot afford to be a mute spectator to the changing dynamics in Pakistan. The volley of threats being hurled at India clearly hints at the increasing pressure of Pakistan Army and ISI on the civilian government. America does expect that Pakistan should stop sheltering rogue elements on its soil, but India must be lest assured that it is not going to fructify in near future. Pakistan is so blind-folded by its anti-India mindset that its own interests have taken a back seat. Primarily, India must be prepared to face the worst possible scenario in Pakistan.