Washington: A day after a North Korean video showed a nuclear attack on the US, the White House reacted by saying that it is more concerned about the "provocative actions", than the propaganda.

Speaking to reporters during the daily news conference, on Thursday the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said "I would simply say that provocative propaganda is far less concerning to us and to our allies than provocative actions that violate North Korea's commitments to the United Nations and the international community, its flagrant violations of its commitments when it comes to its nuclear weapons program".

The propaganda video showed US President Barack Obama and US troops burning and is followed by a message that North Korea conducted the nuclear test in retaliation to "US hostility". The footage was posted on a popular video sharing site along with another video posted earlier this month showing a missile attack on New York city. "We are working with our allies to isolate and pressurize North Korea appropriately, given its continuing defiance of its international obligations," Carney added.


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