As the Union Home Ministry is drafting a resolution on Telangana for putting it up to the Cabinet before sending it to the Andhra Pradesh assembly, the Chief Minister said that it would be very difficult to go ahead without addressing the concerns of the people.

He was referring to the ongoing protests in Seemandhra, that is Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra regions of the state, against the Congress Working Committee's July 30 decision to carve out a separate Telangana state.

The Chief Minister told a TV channel in an interview that a problem cannot be solved by creating bigger problems. The Congress party, which enjoys a lot of affection in the state, should be more sensitive to the concerns of the people, he added.

On being asked if he was on warpath with the Congress, Kiran Reddy, who hails from Rayalaseema, said: "This is not the question of war path. I have to answer concerns of people. When lakhs of people have got certain concerns, it is all the more my responsibility as the Chief Minister to satisfy them."

Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh on Wednesday reminded Kiran Reddy that he is the Chief Minister of the whole state and his responsibility is towards all regions. He was reacting to allegations by Congress leaders from Telangana that Kiran Reddy is acting in a partisan way.

Kiran Reddy said that leaders from Seemandhra are not thinking of their future or next elections but were only thinking about how to keep the state united. "State is more important than any party calculations. Concerns of people are more important. Party functions as per the will of the people. We have to answer the people. Each party has got its own views but here, the issue is much bigger than the party. The concerns of the people of the state are much bigger than the party or party's view," he said.

The Chief Minister said that the state's division would create a lot of problems. There would be problems of not only sharing of river waters but also of education and medical facilities which are Hyderabad-centric and the interests of government employees.


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