Promise to never let them go, promise to never let them feel alone, promise to understand them, promise to stand by them always, promise to take care of them, promise to wipe their tears. On the 5th day of Valentine week, let’s concretize our relationship with sweet promises as today is the ‘Promise Day’.

After offering roses, you propose your partner and give chocolate to sweeten your relationship. After that you give teddy to pamper them. Your partner is impressed by all your efforts but now they need some commitments from you and what can be better than sweet promises. On the Promise Day, let's make a vow to keep the bond forever strong. With the passage of every year, you as a couple expect more and more happiness from one another.

There is no special day to love your partner or make promise but the Promise Day is one of the important days in the year in the life of couples and lovers. The Promise Day is celebrated after the sweet Chocolate Day on 11th of February every year. This day is celebrated during the Valentine week special to maintain your love throughout the lifetime by promising your partner on the special occasion of Promise Day. On this auspicious occasion, you make true promises to your partner that you will take care and provide the best and enjoyable life to her.

Ideas to make sweet commitment:

-    Give your partner a promise ring which signifies your commitment to a relationship
-    Take your partner to a candle light dinner or dream holiday to perk up your healthy relationship
-    Give your partner a promise card so that they keep it in your memory
-    Go to a peaceful place to create romantic mood with some candles and flower petals.

But wait, it will work only if you fulfill all the promises made to your partner.

Farhat Jabeen/JPN

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