“I accept my responsibility”. These much-awaited words from PM’s mouth, in the wake of the Supreme Court verdict on appointment of P J Thomas, finally ended the debate over CVC issue. Prime Minister’s acceptance implies that there has been definitely some kind of lapse on his part for which he cannot blame anyone else but himself. His acceptance is remarkable and magnanimous too, but not enough. And he must realize that this is not that kind of situation where mere realization of committing a mistake and moving ahead will hold good. The country wants to know why is it so that every time the Prime Minister’s office is found to be at fault. Even before this, he was forced to accept his fault in the 2G spectrum scam. Besides, there have been several other cases where Prime Minister did not bow down but his government has been held responsible by the country. Had the Central government shown some kind of alertness in the past, then various CWG scams could have been aborted. Since the government deliberately refused to take any action on time, the country was forced to witness the corruptions and later feel ashamed of it. Merely setting up of investigations into various corruption cases related to the Commonwealth Games, after it got over, is not sufficient. Moreover, the slow pace of investigations adds to the woes of the country as it seems that decades will pass before the culprits are put to task. After all, why could not the Central government ensure such an arrangement to make the ongoing probe transparent and unbiased?

It surely is a respite that the main accused in the 2G Spectrum scam, A Raja, is behind bars but the whole credit for this process goes to the Supreme Court. One can never forget the Central government’s irresponsible attitude to avoid the JPC probe of 2G scam demanded by the opposition. Though the announcement for the formation of Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) was made, it is difficult to comprehend the ruling party and Prime Minister’s rationale behind holding the opposition responsible for stalling the winter session of Parliament. The truth is that more than the opposition, it is the ruling party which should be held accountable for the halt of the winter session of Parliament. In the recent past, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has twice publicly reprimanded the ongoing corruption and people behind it. But the problem which looms large is that such public assurances are never implemented and words remain mere assurances. The sayings never get a chance to get converted into doings. Maybe this is the reason why, Manmohan Singh’s government received criticism in black money case also. No one knows why the PM is still silent on Balakrishnan case. In view of the present situation, one can very well surmise that mere acceptance of mistakes and misleading assurances to act against corrupt elements will not satisfy the people. The acceptance of truth shall hold importance only if such effort is able to change the situation for the better. Prime Minister should know that not only his government but his image too is under scanner. And that only a handful of people will not be able to save both his and the government’s image. He must also realize that the people are on the verge of losing patience.