At a time when the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is pondering over the presidential candidate, the rift between the BJP and JD(U)over the Prime Ministerial candidate does not paint a positive picture for the alliance. The manner in which Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has put pre-conditions before the NDA for nominating the Prime Ministerial candidate clearly reveals his displeasure for Narendra Modi. However, to rake up the issue at this juncture was useless but with the government hardly looking to survive its full term, the NDA someday had to make this announcement. Though a certain section of the BJP and the RSS have backed Modi as the party’s prime Ministerial candidate, building consensus over his name would prove to be an arduous task. Being the largest party of the NDA alliance, the BJP has the right to nominate the Prime Ministerial candidate but it cannot ignore its allies completely. A lot will depend on its political acumen. Though the BJP is confident of coming to power at the Centre but its situation is no better than the Congress. The political leadership of BJP looks scattered.

Janata Dal United’s sharp criticism of Modi indicates that they might even withdraw support from the NDA. Shiv Sena has already parted ways with the NDA over the issue of Presidential candidate and the JD(U) may soon follow suite. How far is the NDA willing to bend in order to keep its alliance with JD(U) intact is upto the party to decide. Giving importance to the allies and heading to their demands are two different things. Ironically the issue of Presidential candidate is being discussed behind closed doors but that of the Prime Minister is being openly talked about. Whatever the reason may be it is not sending out a right message among the people. The BJP first has to emerge as a strong political force and clear the air over Modi’s candidature. If they decide to fight the next general election projecting Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate then it has to face all the criticism.