Megha, a 17-year-old Class XII student, asked why had the AAP leaders continued with their speeches even as her father hanged himself at the rally at Jantar Mantar here on Wednesday.
"I am your sinner. I was present on the stage and still could not save him. We have not slept in the night. There is a lot of pain,” Ashutosh said, breaking down profusely during a panel discussion on a TV news channel.

Farmer suicide: Kejriwal accepts rally 'mistake'; victim's family unimpressed
"The politics that is happening over the issue is sad. The people of the country should understand they will get nothing from this type of politics," he said.

Incidentally, Kejriwal today apologised for not calling off the rally immediately as the tragedy unfolded and admitted that his making a speech had been a "mistake".
The AAP supremo also slammed the media and the opposition parties, saying that the debate had veered away from the "real issue" of farmers' plight.

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Ashutosh accused BJP of trying to politicise the issue and dragging deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia's name into the controversy.

"BJP and Congress are politicising the issue. They are dragging Sisodia's name into this. Fingers are being pointed at (AAP leader) Kumar Vishwas. We are humans. We are not here to do politics (over the issue). Rajnath Singh ji should understand. We are being blamed for instigating him (Gajendra Singh). This is wrong," Ashutosh said.

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Megha said during the TV discussion that she does not believe her father committed suicide.

"My father did not commit suicide and I am not ready to believe that my father took his own life. There was no monetary problem, but yes, there was pain over the loss of crops," she said.

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