The Apex Court ruling in the 2G scam is a matter of extreme embarrassment for the Centre. It is not merely a misfortune that such instances are confronting the government time and again. Just a few days back, the Supreme Court had lashed out at the PMO for holding back Swamy’s petition in the 2G case. And the recent verdict has proved that the government was a mute spectator to the dealings made by A Raja with corporate houses for the allocation of 2G spectrum. What is more disappointing and shameful is that when the corruption in 2G allocation came to the fore, the government instead of taking action against the accused looked the other way. It also tried to shield Raja in every possible way as the Prime Minister gave a clean chit to him. The CAG was not spared either as it was criticized by the government for having given its consent to the fact that there was corruption in 2G allocation. But after the verdict of the Supreme Court the government has nothing to say in its defense. However it is still claiming itself to be correct and is not willing to face the truth.

After the Supreme Court verdict, the government is not only trying to pin all the blame on Raja but is also targeting the BJP. This shows the tenacity of the government in accepting its mistakes. The Court inspite of holding the “first come first serve” policy of the NDA regime to be flawed denied UPA’s request of cancelling all licenses issued before 2008. If the policies of the NDA government were so flawed then why didn’t the UPA think of tightening it? Was the UPA bound by the policies of the NDA? If the present Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal is to be believed then A Raja is solely responsible for the entire mess. It was Raja who was changing policies overnight to which neither the Finance Minister nor the Prime Minister had any control.  Is Sibal then trying to say that Raja was much powerful than the Prime Minister and the Cabinet? Undoubtedly such explanations are being given by the UPA to hide its folly.