New Delhi, Jan 10 (Agencies): Congress on Monday strongly backed Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal's assertions on 2G Spectrum issue saying the minister had to make public the government's opinion on the matter because BJP did not allow a discussion on it and insisting that the report is open to rebuttal.

Reading from excerpts from the CAG report, party spokesperson Manish Tewari also sought to dismiss the term "presumptive loss" used by the CAG and questioned how can the constitutional body make a defaulting company its benchmark to calculate losses as was done in the report.

"What wrong the Telecom Minister has done if he has disputed the CAG report as CAG itself says its findings are open to dispute. What is wrong if Sibal has disputed it and said that the loss according to government records is zero," Tewari said replying to questions from reporters on whether the party supports Sibal's contention that there was "zero loss" due to 2G Spectrum allocations.

Reading from the report, he said the CAG had said that they attempted to arrive only at a presumptive value in the report and there was no fool-proof market discovery mechanism at any point. "The CAG said that each set of assumptions would be open to questions and can be disputed.

"I do not understand one thing. In this report, they have taken one benchmark of S-Tel (a Chennai based telecom company. In the same report they say that this S-Tel is a defaulting company. How can a constitutional body take the benchmark of a defaulting company to calculate losses.

"And what is this presumptive loss. We have also read a little bit of accounting. A loss is loss. What is presumptive loss. I do not understand. It not sensible," Tewari said.

Asked what was the need for the Union Minister to go public on the issue when investigations were already going into the case, he said, "Sibal made public the government opinion on the CAG report for two reasons.

"The CAG himself has said the report is open to rebuttals and secondly because BJP did not want a public debate on it. BJP opposed debate in Parliament as it did not want the facts to come out."

Tewari dismissed questions on whether this was not an attempt to subvert investigations, saying Justice Patil Committee, which was looking into the matter, was committed to probe if there was policy violation or procedural anomaly.

"If at all there is any criminal culpability, CBI will look into it. If any criminal culpability emerges, nobody will be spared. If there had been any violation in licensing it will be dealt with."

Asked why Telecom Minister A Raja had to resign when there was no corruption, the spokesperson said, "Raja has resigned from the party taking moral responsibility.

"An issue had come up and there was a perception that a huge scam had happened. So he quit his post." He, however, refused to comment on the Supreme Court deciding to examine the alleged illegalities in allocation of 2G spectrum during Raja's tenure and asking the Centre and telecom companies to explain why the licences will not be cancelled.