It also does not rule out parties like AIADMK joining the "Third Front" to keep the Narendra Modi-led BJP and NDA out of power like it happened in 1996 when a government under Deve Gowda was formed with Congress supporting from outside.

"Well, depending on the results, there may be a situation where the Congress will have to play a role in terms of ensuring that there is a secular alternative government put in place.

"If the Congress does not want a BJP-led government, then it will have to play a role of contributing to the formation of a secular alternative government", CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat said.

He acknowledged that the anti-Congress mood is helping BJP in states where the two parties are in direct fight but dismissed reports of a Modi wave across the country.

Karat said that there are powerful regional parties which are strong and fighting the BJP and they may not be joining the saffron party in forming the government.

The front of non-Congress, non-BJP parties would be able to cobble up a majority with outside support from Congress, he said.

"There are some secular parties which have opportunistically tied up with the BJP and we know who they are. But the bulk of the regional parties today who are in the non-Congress, non-BJP category have not aligned with either the Congress or the BJP in these elections."


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