"My only regret is that we could not pass the Women's Reservation Bill in Parliament, even though it was introduced in Rajya Sabha." she said addressing women party workers.

Sonia Gandhi added that the Congress party during the UPA regime initiated various schemes for the empowerment of women and brought new laws for their protection and the same is expected from BJP-led NDA government.

Sonia also said that though her party is in Opposition now, it is committed to the Women's Reservation Bill and would put pressure on the NDA government for its passage in the Parliament.

"We will continue to press the NDA government to pass the bill," she said.

‘Sankalp Diwas’ is being observed on August, 20th the birth anniversary of Congress leader and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in this lieu.

Earlier on Tuesday, party leader Shobha Oza said that the Women’s Reservation Bill could not be taken in the Lok Sabha by Congress (when it was in power) due to the BJP’s opposition. She further accused the ruling party of not being serious on the issue of women empowerment.

"The BJP talked big on women's issues but you can see they did not do anything to that effect in the Parliament. We hope they table the Bill in the next session of the Parliament. Our party will support them. The BJP cannot make any excuse in this matter as they enjoy majority in the House," she said.

Sonia also said that both women self-help groups and local bodies have a vital role to play for the development of women in the country and should work together. Apart from the regular schemes a social movement was needed to change the grim situation.

In this regard, she mentioned the social movement launched by Sree Narayana Guru, renowned social reformer.

She also lauded the Kudumbashree schemes, which aims at eradicating poverty and empowering women by engaging them in different fields.

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