"By manipulating figures to give free water to the people, AAP is cheating them. Congress condemns the decision to make full billing and a surcharge of 10 percent on those who consume 666 litres of water," Congress leader Mukesh Sharma said.

Out of 19.5 lakh Delhi Jal Board connections 6.5 lakh are metered ones and out of those metered only 3.5 lakh are functional, Sharma said.

Kejriwal announces 667 litres of free water

Elaborating on the allegations, he said that the announcement is ‘misleading’ as it tends to provide water only to 15-20 percent of water consumers while ignoring a majority of the capital's population which does not have metered connections.

"It is a big fraud on the people in the name of water conservation and water saving," he said.

Congress does not intend to withdraw its support from the AAP and is determined to perform the role of a responsible opposition, Sharma said.

"Congress is not in a hurry, and that is the reason, it is giving enough time to the AAP to fulfill its promises. We will follow people's mandate on issues.

"But in the next 60 days, if every Delhiite is not given 700 liters of potable water, Congress will expose AAP and start agitations," he said.


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