Ahmedabad: Launching a scathing attack on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the Opposition Congress in the state on Wednesday accused him of misusing the Chief Minister’s office. The opposition alleged that he is manipulating the Time magazine’s ongoing online survey ‘The 2012 Time 100 Poll’ to decide the 100 most influential people in the world.

Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) chief Arjun Modhvadia said, “Modi has sent hundreds of emails through various portals of Gujarat government to the people asking them to vote for him.”

The survey asks the readers to decide if a person listed deserves to be among the top 100.

Recently, Time magazine in its March 26 issue, published an article on Modi, with the heading: ‘Modi means business", along with a strap: "But can he lead India?’

Deeply distressed by the magazine’s piece on Modi, Modhvadia said, “He is a manipulator and is using his public relation agents to get people to vote for him. He wants to be on the magazine's top 100 list.”

Brookings Institution also recently published an interview of Modi, praising him for the work done by his government for the development of Gujarat.

Modi at second spot in survey

According to the released data, Modi, widely touted as a possible future Prime Minister of India, is presently at the second position with 86,434 votes behind Erik Martine, general manager of Reddit.com, with 1,23,693 votes.

While world's most powerful man Barack Obama is currently at 19th position, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is at 18th position. Veteran social activist Anna Hazare, who is spearheading an anti-corruption movement, has managed to bag 14,000 votes and is at 26th position.

Voting for the ongoing online survey will end on April 6 and the list for the most influential persons will be announced on April 17.