Meem Afzal, however, said that Modi cannot get any political mileage out of it. "He has always tried to use the caste card and is trying to do it again. It may be true that he (Modi) hails from backward community, but he cannot take any advantage out of it,” the Congress leader said.

“Even Baba Ramdev also comes from backward class but the way he using language against dalits has led him to his downfall," Afzal added.

Earlier on Monday, while campaigning for BJP’s candidate from Amethi Lok Sabha seat, Smriti Irani, Modi said that the Congress party is indulging in ‘arrogant politics’.

The BJP PM face had also attacked former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by reminding the people as to how he publicly humiliated former Andhra Pradesh chief minister T Anjaiah at airport when Rajiv Gandhi was a general secretary of the party.


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