"With there being low production and capital utilisation in many sectors, we have to wonder the veracity of this (official economic) data. India was always known for having credible statistics prior to the arrival of Modi government.

"But, Modi government is obsessed with its image. In his quest to mask his failures in trying to fulfill the audacious promises he made, Modi is encouraging financial jugglery to maintain some semblance of credibility", the party said.

In a commentary 'Modi government's new GDP projections raise more questions than they answer', it said that with this being a drought year, there being extreme rural distress, exports down, and job growth stagnant, many experts have questioned the nature of this data.

"The methodology for the calculation has been questioned by many, including RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan. The RBI said that for the first time the GDP is growing lower in nominal terms than real terms", the party said in the commentary posted on its website.

Besides, the Congress said that many have also questioned the GDP deflator, which has given a confusing picture from quarter to quarter.

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