New Delhi: In an effort to pacify Team Anna who electrified the nation to stand against the ruling dispensation dillydallying on Jan Lokpal, which is supposed to put an end to episodic corruption, the Congress has tried to alienate Anna Hazare by establishing his entourage.

The mediators of the government have expedited dialogue with the old team of Anna keeping aside Arvind Kajriwal and Prashant Bhushan. Anna Hazare is now non-committal on his visit to Uttar Pradesh from October 15 and the rumour mill is buzzing if this change in Anna is due to his health related issue or the Centre’s effort to placate him.

Hazare is likely to miss the meeting of the Core Committee of the Civil Society on Friday. According to sources, the proposal for the post of President has also been kept before Hazare which was rejected by him publicly but the chapter is yet to close.
People associated with Hazare pose three questions to the Congress.

First, during the presidential elections, how many votes will the Congress have? Secondly, what are chances of winning and third that who are the expected candidates from the other parties?

However, without a strong Lokpal, Hazare is not ready to relent. In this regard, the Centre will take concrete steps to curb corruption.

If the talks between Hazare and the government go friendly, it is expected that the social activist will soften his approach.
The Congress, understanding Hazare’s piquant position, will not ask him to flag down his movement against corruption but will ask him to stop his efforts to cause any damage to the party during elections.

As per sources, Maharashtra’s Abhinandan Thorat is playing a crucial role.

Earlier, Thorat has played an important role during Hazare’s movement in Maharashtra. On one side Thorat has attacked Anna’s new team but at the same time has accomplished closed relations with people associated with Hazare at Ralegan Siddhi.