New Delhi: As his indefinite fast against "inflated" power bills entered the sixth day on Thursday, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal alleged both Congress and BJP were winning elections through bribing voters and using muscle power.

Kejriwal said several people were asking him why there has been no reaction from BJP and Congress on his fast so far. "This is because BJP and Congress are both worried as a different kind of politics is slowly emerging in India. So far they are used to winning on the basis of bribing voters, money power and muscle power but now the voters have awakened. The elections will not be elections but revolution," he told his supporters.

In a statement, Aam Aadmi Party, which had yesterday stated that Kejriwal's health has "deteriorated further", on Thursday said he is stable as of now with all the vital parameters within the normal range.

"His blood pressure was 120/74, pulse was 66 and sugar was 106 this morning. The level of ketones has come down from 4+ to 3+, which is a positive indication," it said. However, the statement said, he has lost 6 kg since his fast begun on March 23.


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