P Chidambaram, Congress Leader:

  • I want an assurance from Finance Minister that GST is brought as a financial bill and not a money bill.
  • Tax rate of this importance must only be changed with the approval of the Parliament.
  • Please now, on basis of your own report –‘Cap the tax rate’. We mean it cannot be changed with whim of Executive.
  • Any indirect tax falls equally on rich & poor.Indirect taxes being regressive in nature,trend is to keep it as low as possible.
  • Standard rate must be 18% which will make #GST non-inflationary & acceptable to public.
    The GST rate must only be changed by the approval of the parliament.
  • Hope the Finance Minister will pass GST bill not on strength of numbers but in strength of his arguments.
  • Today, if we pass this GST bill, it will be on basis of serious discussions, serious debate and negotiations.
  • Not a matter between Union Finance Minister & state FMs, it concerns people of the country also.
  • I would still urge FM to amend a provision to say GST council shall by regulation establish a dispute resolution mechanism.
  • Also the mechanism should also include disputes arising otherwise than out of the recommendations made by GST Council.
  • The heart of the bill is what will the rate of tax be? We must remember that we are dealing with indirect tax.
  • Standard rate must be 18percent which will make GST non-inflationary & acceptable to public.
  • In last 18 months Government tried to pass GST without support of principal opposition & I'm glad you also failed.
  • We tried to pass GST bill with support of principal opposition party but we failed.
  • There were too many flaws in the bill, which could be fixed and hence we didn't support the bill.
  • Let me make it clear, Congress was never opposed to the idea of GST.
  • If Finance Minister Arun Jaitely looks carefully, he will find pieces of clumsy drafting in the GST Bill.


Arun Jaitley, Union Finance Minister:

  • Three enabling laws, two by the Parliament and one by the State Legislature would have to be passed.
  • As a part of consensus, states felt that consumable alcohol had to be kept out. "The concept of GST council is Indian federalism at play. Two-thirds of voting power in the council belongs to the states."
  • A legislation of this kind can't be based on partisan considerations.

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