Rahul Gandhi has been unleashing scathing attacks on the Modi government since he returned to Delhi after 58-day sabbatical. During the last Parliamentary Session, he showed aggressiveness in the Lok Sabha. He has also been making statement to target the Modi government on various issues outside Parliament. Apart from opposing Modi government's decision to amend Land Acquisition Bill, he has made an all-out effort to prove the Modi government as anti-farmer, while he knows that how the Bill brought by Manmohan Singh government put hurdle in the development schemes. The way Rahul is criticising Modi by showing sympathy towards untimely rain-hit farmers reflects that as if state governments have no role to address farmers' plight. For becoming a well wisher of fishermen by countering the Prime Minister on the basis of wrong facts, he is trying to prove that Modi is insensitive towards the poor. It's clearly reflecting that Rahul is targeting particularly PM Modi instead of NDA government. The way he continues to raise suit boot and only one man knowing everything, reflects that he is saddened by Modi instead of government and its decisions. He also highlights that Modi's style of running government is undermining democratic values. It's ridiculous that Rahul, who is boasting over style of government functioning and democratic values, had made statement before TV cameras that the ordinance seeking to protect convicted lawmakers should be torn and thrown out. Later, it had to be put in back burner.

Few days back, the Prime Minister reminded Rahul that how extra-constitutional authorities or 10 Janpath were wielding power in UPA government. Irked over Modi's reply, Congress general secretary Ambika Soni addressed the media and cited that the UPA developed tradition of taking decision as per the advise of dozens of Group of Ministers but the Modi government has no faith in such systems. This logic is not only ridiculous rather another proof of Congress leaders' sycophancy towards Gandhi family. The country remembers very well that the Prime Minister's powers got shrank due to such GoMs particularly EGoMs and the decision making process was getting delayed. A total of 68 GoMs and over 40 EGoMs were formed during the UPA regime. They created policy paralysis and Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council  mounted the problems.

Was Rahul not aware that NAC was deemed as super Cabinet? He should  know that Manmohan Singh became PM because Sonia could not accept the top post due to some reasons. Her compulsion was portrayed as her sacrifice. There is well known fact that all the Congress ministers were accountable to party president instead of the Prime Minister during the UPA eatablishment. Nehru-Gandhi family had been dominating Congress regime at the Centre barring Lal Bahadur Shashti's tenure. The Congress was run as family asset instead of a democratic party. The Congress leaders are aware that the party's existence is solely based on Gandhi family's leadership. They could not find party as well as their own future beyond this family. This is the reason that whatever Gandhi family members say or do, becomes mandatory and responsibility for the Congress leaders to defend and support.

Being an Opposition party, the Congress has right to highlight failures of the Modi government, at the same time it should be logical as well. Presently, the Congress leaders, especially party vice-president, are becoming laughing stock by citing baseless facts. The Congress seems to have forgotten that under the constitutional set up, the Prime Minister is the most powerful in the Cabinet and enjoys more powers in comparison to other ministers. It's mandatory for every ministry to take PM's nod on its decisions. It's not so that this was not in practice during UPA regime, but there was a compulsion that the important files were routed through Sonia Gandhi's residence 10 Janpath. This fact has been revealed by people discharging key responsibilities during the UPA government through either books or other mediums. Being the Congress and UPA chief, Sonia used to intervene in government functioning. Both the posts have no constitutional importance. It's also said that a type of  Cabinet meeting would take place in the presence of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul. Rahul can't ignore the fact that senior party leaders, who are considered to be his own advisers, had accepted that the practice of dual power centre didn't work during UPA. Had it clicked, the Congress would have not been faced such humiliating defeat in the last general elections.

Before pointing towards Modi government, the Congress should remember the tenure of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi that how every power was centered on one authority. If we compare these two leaders with Modi, the Prime Minister is seen keeping less control. Like incumbent regime, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi governments also enjoyed majority in the Lok Sabha and everybody knows that how they made decisions arbitrarily.  Indira had imposed emergency and Rajiv was adamant to bring Press Defamation Bill. After the Rajiv Gandhi government, every regime was formed on coalition basis. In such government, it's not easy to take decision on any important issue as on many occasions, alliance partners express different opinions. The GoMs may prove effective in this situation but there is no justification that despite having no coalition compulsion, the Prime Minister couldn’t take necessary decisions and was dependent on EGoMs. If Modi himself is taking decision today, why should someone complain about it? If a country has weak person at the helm of affairs, it will not get due respect. The person, who leads the country, takes all the decisions worldwide.   

While criticising the Modi government, the Congress should keep in mind that its over excitement might weaken it further. The path Congress has taken to regain its lost ground will divert the party. The country will always need a strong Opposition. The Opposition parties, especially the Congress, must pay attention to constructive role. By doing so, they can contribute in the nation building.

(An original copy of the article published in Hindi on May 31, 2015 translated by the English editorial. The author is the Group Editor of Dainik Jagran)