As Modi made an emotional pitch to reach out to the youth, the Gujarat Chief Minister and the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate also said he had not "left his house" for any post or for fame.
Addressing a huge youth rally in the city, Modi said, "If I speak the truth, all the Ministers of the UPA government get unhappy, they feel bad and get dejected.”
"There is a reason for it. Nobody has challenged them for the last sixty years. They are feeling how can a tea-seller challenge such a big sultanate which has ruled the country uninterrupted for many years," he said.
"My Congress strongmen, what more can you do, you can throw muck, you can let CBI try to nail me, you can take me to courts...," he said.
"But I am here to serve this nation birth after birth, If I don't get chance in this birth, I will come again in the next birth to serve the people of the country," Modi said.
"I have not left my house for any post or fame. To acquire, to be something is not my goal...," he said.
Taking on the UPA government's policy for the youth of the country, Modi said it was the responsibility of those in power to think about them, give skill development training, jobs, and turn the demographic dividend into advantage, or else the large population of the youth will turn out to be a disadvantage.
"In the last year's budget, the central government had claimed it will give skill training to 10 lakh youths and had made a provision of Rs 1,000 crore," he said, and claimed, "In reality they have given training to just 18,352 youths in the last year."
"This is five percent work done. At this rate the Congress government will be able to complete the target in the next 20 years," he said.


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