"One by one, the way incidents are taking place, it appears that those who could not defeat Modi in Gujarat, who were beaten badly in three elections and lost face who feel BJP and Modi cannot be stopped through democratic means,” he said.

"They are now using other means- of sometimes putting CBI after them, and at other times giving a free hand to Indian Mujahideen," he said addressing a rally in Bahraich.

Modi's reference to IM comes in the wake of the serial bomb blasts suspected to be carried out by the terror outfit during his Patna rally on October 27 which left seven persons dead and scores of others injured.

BJP has charged that the Centre has been lax in providing adequate security to Modi.

"Those doing politics with bombs, guns and pistols should listen with open ears. I am born of a different material. Neither have I bowed to terrorists, nor am I going to bend before them,” he said.

"We will defeat them and finish them from their roots.... The bullets of terrorists cannot stop the country from its onward journey," Modi said.

The BJP prime ministerial candidate alleged that his adversaries are attacking him "from behind like cowards" and challenged them to fight him democratically.

Attacking the SP government in Uttar Pradesh, he said it played vote bank politics by putting two UP BJP MLAs in jail in the Muzaffarnagar riots cases to embarrass the party.

"The way statements are being made, I want to ask the rulers what was the reason that you put two of our MLAs in jail. When your charges could not stand scrutiny and the court released them, you put them in jail on other charges. But they were released again," he said.

Modi charged that due to vote bank politics, government was not arresting the real culprits and was putting innocents in jail.

He alleged that Mulayam Singh-led Samajwadi Party, BSP or Congress had the "same DNA" which made them work for their own "selfish" gains.

The competition between the SP and Mayawati's BSP is who indulges in "more corruption" and "who has more criminals in its midst", Modi said.

"I have seen that despite supporting the UPA government, SP and BSP have never asked anything for the state.... What they ask for is help in the CBI cases and how to get rid of the problems with the CBI," he said.


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