Party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi dubbed the ordinance to effect changes in the land acquisition law as "land snatching, land grabbing ordinance" and alleged "it provides for corporates and takes away the heart and soul of the farmer friendly law."
He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of not acting acting against provocative speeches made by VHP and "undesirable" RSS leaders.
Former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh attended a meeting of farmers in Bhatta Parsual in Greater Noida from where Rahul Gandhi had launched an agitation on land issue in 2011, and Narendra Modi government of "snatching away all the rights" given to the people by the erstwhile UPA regime.
The land acquisition Act was a pet project of Rahul Gandhi and Congress is alleging that the NDA government has taken away its heart and soul through the ordinance.
At the AICC briefing, Singhvi targeted the government for "cut to the extent of 45 percent in disbursal of funds to the states under MNREGA", saying the NDA government did this "big slash" in job scheme's fund only because it was brought by the UPA government."
The party's all out attack against the government began today a day after Congress Working Committee resolved to carry out nationwide agitations against "wrong policies" of the NDA dispensation including the ordinance and Sonia Gandhi alleged a "polarization strategy" behind provocative remarks of Hindutva groups.
Singhvi also asked "is it the spirit of cooperative federalism", which the government talks about as he reeled out figures claiming that while more than 20 thousand crore rupees were disbursed by the Centre to states in eight months of the last financial year from April 2019 to to November 2013, the same during this period in the current fiscal has come down to Rs 13618 crore.

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