New Delhi: With the Election Commission under attack from some parties over its decision to drape statues of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati and BSP symbol elephant, Congress on Monday rallied behind the poll body saying it was not appropriate to raise fingers at it.

"If the Commission has ordered covering the statues of Mayawati and the BSP's symbol, it must have been done to ensure a fair poll. It is unfortunate that some political parties are raising fingers at the Commission. Nobody should raise fingers at EC's honesty and impartiality," Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said.

Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi has also dismissed criticism of its decision, saying it was "ill-informed".

"I am surprised this (EC order) has been taken as something unusual. There is a model code of conduct which says there should be a level-playing field for all candidates and parties.

"The Code says nobody will get an unfair advantage. Government and public property will not be used for political gain. If portraits have to be removed, it is because it is on public property. Statues are big and they give advantage to the concerned person. The criticism is ill-informed," Quraishi has said.

On Saturday, the Commission directed the UP government to drape the statues of Mayawati and elephants erected in government memorials in Lucknow and Noida.