New Delhi: A light-hearted comment by a Congress spokesperson on LK Advani's speech at the UN praising MNREGA programme apparently did not go down well with the BJP which charged the ruling party with going "bankrupt on ideas" and not understanding protocol.

Asked about Advani's speech, Renuka Chowdhury said in a lighter vein, "Advani is perhaps trying to convince the BJP. His view point is different from the BJP. If Advani is saying this today it is good."

The BJP apparently was not pleased with this jibe and took on the Congress leader.

"It is unfortunate that the Congress has said this. It has gone bankrupt on ideas and does not understand protocol and decency. Advani is representing India at the UN. He has made a point about good schemes here. We may have differences here but abroad one praises what the country has gone ahead with," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

The Opposition party maintained that it is not opposed to the idea of job guarantee as done under MNREGA but has issues with its implementation.

"We have even asked for job guarantees to the city population but it should create economic assets. A similar scheme in Maharashtra way back in 1972 had led to building of check dams and water bodies. We want more coverage, more inclusion and more man-days of work under MNREGA," Javadekar said.

The BJP MP emphasised that his party is critical of the "loot and corruption taking place under MNREGA and not the scheme per se".


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