"There was a time when people were calling BJP an untouchable party. But the situation has changed for now. Congress is becoming untouchable and Narendra Modi a darling of the masses. That is why lot of people are joining NDA," Naidu told reporters on Thursday.
"In a few days the country will come to know about some more parties joining NDA," he said.
Naidu claimed the Congress will end up getting double-digit seats in the Lok Sabha elections for the first time in its history while BJP would garner its highest-ever tally.
"I am sure Congress will end up getting double-digit (seats) - that will be the lowest ever in its history. The BJP will get highest ever in its history," he added.
Talking about the meeting between Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Shahi Imam, he said the Congress was undoubtedly the "most communal party" as it had "encouraged" outfits like Muslim League, SIMI and communal leaders like Madani and Imam Bukhari.
Naidu said the meeting indicated the frustration of Congress and that it wants to polarise the elections by getting "such communal people into election arena".

"Asking Bukhari's help - I mean what kind of secularism is this? The Congress should explain,” he said.
To a query, Naidu said the BJP aims to win at least 50 seats from southern states but added it is not going to be easy.


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