New Delhi: Congress-led UPA government had stormed to power in 2009 on the plank of much-hyped Rs 71, 000 crore farmers’ loan waiver scheme which proved a game changer for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to buck the anti-incumbency against the government.

The data clearly shows that the loan waiver scheme was instrumental for the UPA in retaining the crown in 2009 general elections. In the implementation of the scheme, the UPA managers had given priority to those states which send more number of MPs to the Lok Sabha.

Out of Rs 71, 000 crore loan waiver scheme, around 56 percent amount was disbursed to the farmers in states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. In 2009 general elections, the Congress had reaped the electoral benefit in these states by winning 72 seats in comparison to 51 seats the party had won in 2004.

Total of 77.55 lakh, 54.16 lakh and 42.48 lakh farmers were got benefited from the loan waiver scheme in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra respectively. These states top the list in terms of population. This might be one of the reasons that the government had routed the loan waiver funds to these states.

The government had also allocated hefty funds under loan waiver scheme to the farmers in Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. The Congress had performed fairly well in 2009 in both the states. The grand old party had won 13 and 12 seats respectively in Kerala and MP. In 2004 LS polls, the Congress managed to win only 4 seats in MP.

JP Ranjan/JPN

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