Lucknow: With the beckoning of next year’s Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress is not only frantically trying to end its 22-year old political exile from the state but also pressing hard to train its gun against the party’s factional feud in the state.

The Congress off late in Uttar Pradesh has been confronting the biggest problem of factionalism in the organisation, therefore, it has envisaged that until this problem is done away with, the party cannot pin it’s hopes on ‘Mission 2012’.This is why at the Varanasi session the party solely concentrated on nurturing its leaders to strengthen the organization and restrained them from involving in any kind of factional feud.

The Opposition has continuously targeted the Congress on issues like inflation, corruption and scams. Also the results of the recent Assembly polls are not that encouraging for the party, expect Assam. In such a situation, the party can only pin its hope on Uttar Pradesh.

Therefore, Rahul Gandhi is striving hard to regain the party’s lost base in the state. The Congress party is hopeful of a win in the state because of a few reasons. Firstly, the party’s 22 seats victory in the last Lok Sabha elections has given a boost to it. Secondly, in more than 100 constituencies it has an edge over other parties. And the last but not the least, the Congress is taking the state’s present situation in its stride.

UP Congress president Dr Rita Bahuguna Joshi said, “People who have suffered under the BSP, SP and BJP rules want the Congress to come back to power.”

Congress president Sonia Gandhi and general secretary Rahul Gandhi who attended the Varanasi session clearly expressed the party’s ‘Do or Die’ policy.

Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Bhatta Parasul by breaching security and staying there for 19 hours under tough conditions is being seen as a strategy to prepare the workers for ‘Mission 2012’. Rahul had sought information under RTI for the misappropriation of funds in the National Rural Health Mission from the BSP government. By doing this he has not only shown his activist capabilities but has also shown a new path to the party’s grassroot wrokers.

Rahul’s presence on the dais throughout the first day of the session was an indication for the Congress workers that it is time to ‘work’ rather than ‘talk.’ In his speech, Rahul said “in UP there is no lack of issue and neither there is lack of time” which is a clear indication that he has decided to take the field in Mission 2012.

In order to put an end to groupism, two intra-party rivals Rajeshpati Tripathy and Dr Rajesh Mishra, on the pretext of offering Gita, were invited to the stage together. To further lessen the intra-party grievances, state in-charge Digvijay Singh was also asked to apologise publically.

(JPN/ Bureau)