During his election campaign earlier, Modi had promised to bring back notorious underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who is also the main suspect in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, back to India from Pakistan if he becomes the Prime Minister.

Khan retaliated saying Modi should first decide where Dawood is staying at present. He also used strong and provocative words for the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Taking strong exception to Khan’s comments, the BJP and Congress on Wednesday tore into the Pakistani Minister for his unwarranted comment.

BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi said Pakistan should stop interfering in India’s internal matters, especially in the electoral process.

Emphasizing that India believes in peaceful co-existence, Lekhi questioned why Islamabad is getting riled up by Modi’s questions to the Indian government. She further asked whether these kinds of comments signal Pakistan Minister’s admission that Dawood is currently present in Pakistan.

“We would expect Pakistan not to interfere in our internal matters, especially during the time of electoral process. We believe in peaceful co-existence but no country should interfere in our internal matters,” she said.

“Why is Pakistan getting worked up over Modi's questions to the Indian government? Is Pakistan Interior Minister admitting to the presence of Dawood Ibrahim in their country?” she added.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Shakeel Ahmed also minced no words in telling Pakistan not to interfere in India’s internal matters.

Ahmed also said that the Pakistan Interior Minister should not give any unsolicited advice to India.

In reference to Modi’s comments on Dawood, Khan had said, “This provocative and condemnable statement of expected Prime Minister of India and leader of major political party is touching last limit of enmity towards Pakistan.”

The Interior Minister said those who are giving statements that Islamabad is sheltering Dawood and launching operation on Pakistani soil ‘should realise that neither Pakistan is a weak country to be afraid of such threats, nor can the Pakistani nation be impressed with such irresponsible statements’.


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