"The country is facing serious problems but Congress and BJP are squandering money to get power. If crores being spent on advertisements is used for development and betterment of poor it would benefit both the country and society," Vishwas said at a 'nukkad meeting' in Dasaipur village.
Vishwas, who is set to contest against the Congress vice-president and sitting MP Rahul Gandhi, said that Aam Aadmi Party will wipe out the rule of corrupt and dynasty politics in the Lok Sabha elections.
"My fight is not against any individual but against the corrupt and dynasty politics. I will definitely emerge victorious not just in Amethi but in the entire country AAP will wipe out corruption and dynasty rule," he said.
Hitting out at Rahul Gandhi, he said that anyone interested in knowing his reality ought to see Amethi where the condition of power, roads and farmers was destitute.     

"Rajiv Gandhi had got irrigation pumps installed through World Bank which are all non-operational," he said.
Stating that he had not come to seek votes, Vishwas said, "I am here to awaken people to shun dynasty politics or else, Amethi would remain like a slave."


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