The seven phased elections to constitute next state assembly are in progress and two phases of polling have already concluded till February 11. Tall claims are being made by the senior leaders of all major stake holders. SP claims to win absolute majority in the state. Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh has already announced that President Rule will be imposed in the state if none of the parties can win majority. But speaking to Dainik Jagran, state party Chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi has made it clear that her party can accept support from others if required, but won’t help them to form a government after the assembly polls.


Two phases of polling have so far completed. Where does your Congress stand now?
The polling in first phase was very nice but in the second phase, it was moderate. We hope for the best in the third and fourth phases.

Your claims appear to be exaggerated?
My claim is absolutely right.

After the conclusion of two phases of polling in the state, it appears that Congress is not performing the way it was expected!

Actually this impression has been generated by media only. It has denied seeing anything else except the Samajwadi Party and the BSP. During 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the media had actually created a hype. It was claimed that Congress stood nowhere in the race. As per their speculations, our party was going to win only five seats in UP. But the results were quite contrary to their claims when we won 22 seats. Actually it is quite difficult to speculate the opinion of voters nowadays. But at the same time, it is noteworthy that voter turnout has gone up from 45 percent to 60 percent and I am sure it is not being polled in favour of only one party. 

How many seats is your party going to win in the state assembly?
We will be in a position to tell you about this after the completion of fourth phase of polling. But we are sure of our alliance winning the highest number of seats and rest of all will be left behind us.

Then in this situation, there will be President Rule in the state!

Digvijay Singh has said so. Don’t you agree with him?
I am not aware of his statement but we are sure of forming next government in the state.

The way it happens. We will muster majority in the House.

Are you holding talks with others to crack a deal?
Not at this stage.

What will be the stand of your party if the SP or the BSP seeks your support to form the next government in the state?
Supporting others is out of question. We can’t support those, in their bid to form a government, who have been rejected by the people?

Then how can you accept the support of such parties?
There are several parties which are not  part of the UPA but supporting the alliance unconditionally from outside.  The similar thing could take place in Uttar Pradesh.

Is the internal bickering not making adverse impact on your polls prospects?
There is no internal bickering in the party.

On the day of first phase of polling, PL Punia and Beni Prasad Verma were seen fighting in public and you claim that there is no internal bickering!
Such incidents have no impact on poll prospects. Elections are being contested by our candidates on the basis of the policies of the Congress party which is more important than anything else.

Beni Prasad Verma recently said that the Prime Minister should retire?
Our PM is fit for his job and there is no vacancy at all.

Why did Verma give such a statement?
It should be answered by Beni Verma only.

Is he ambitious for the post of Chief Minister and gave the statement to please Rahul Gandhi to strengthen his claim?
There is no contender for the chief ministerial candidate at present. This will be decided by the newly elected MLAs of the party.