New Delhi: With the completion of the first phase of Uttar Pradesh elections, the Congress will embark on a different poll strategy to derive benefit from the perceived anti-incumbency situation in the state.

At a time when other national and regional parties have singled out the BSP to launch scathing attacks, the Congress will take potshots at the Samajwadi Party (SP).

As informed by one of the Congress policy makers, the speculation of the Congress post poll alliance with the SP will have a negative impact on the concerted effort made by the party to achieve victory in the elections.
In order to evade the situation, the Congress is all set to take a dig at the SP during its election rally.

It is worth mentioning that in a statement given by the Congress scion Rahul Gandhi on coalition with 'party comprising criminals' was aimed indirectly at the SP and was a part of the poll strategy. Propelling the poll campaign in other districts, the Congress members will work on the similar line.

To further intensify the contest in the poll bound UP, the Congress will leave no stone unturned to attack the BSP supremo Mayawati.

Interestingly, the Congress is confident of achieving fruitful results in the elections to the 403 members Legislative Assembly. Amid the speculation made by the political pundits that none of the parties will get absolute majority, the Congress is hopeful to roll victory on majority of seats along with good percentage of polling to its fold.

Taking seriously the 2014 General elections, coalition and no coalition among the parties will be harmful for the Congress. In case of coalition between the parties, it will be tough for the Congress to secure position in the Lok Sabha. However, the party will keep attacking its arch rivals the BJP, SP and the BSP if no government is formed in the state. The strategy will help them in case a fresh election takes place after six months.