Pune: Alleging that the Congress government at the Centre was cheating Anna Hazare on the Lokpal issue, Baba Ramdev on Tuesday said that he would campaign against the parties opposing to bring back the black money stashed away in foreign banks.
"The Congress government, which unleashed atrocities on me and my followers at the Ramlila maidan on June 4, after arranging my meeting with four cabinet ministers, is now cheating Anna Hazare on the Lokpal bill issue," he said, adding, " What I said in the past, Anna is saying now (about government betraying trust)."
Ramdev told reporters here that even though the government would have to bring a strong Lokpal Bill, it would be wrong to assume that it would end corruption in the society.
"Lokpal is an important step towards the eradication of corruption from public life and to change the system. However, the black money issue is even more important," he added.
Ramdev said he would canvass against the parties opposed to unearthing and nationalising the assets kept illegally in foreign banks.

"I will tour these five states (Uttarakhand, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Manipur) giving speeches and observing fasts.”

“As part of the campaign, we will ask the MLAs and MPs in these states to sign a declaration in support of our stand on black money. We will oppose those candidates and parties that do not support us on this issue", he said.
Asked whether he would oppose Congress candidates in the elections, Ramdev said that he would oppose those parties that did not support his stand on black money.
He also said that except for Congress, all the other parties, including BJP and UPA constituents were in agreement with his stand.
When asked about Hazare's plan of similar campaign over the Lokpal bill, the Yoga guru said, "Anna is fighting for Lokpal. I support him on that issue to eradicate corruption. My focus is on black money, on which, Anna has not spoken."