BJP also asked Congress why the UPA government had exempted big projects from social impact assessment and consent clause in land acquisition and alleged that the last Haryana government of Congress had handed over majority land from poor farmers to builders and big industrialists.

It also alleged that the then state government also took land acquisition out of the purview of social impact assessment and consent clause and handed over the land to private builders and corporate houses, while kept the land acquired for social projects hanging in these clauses.

BJP said that Haryana's department of Urban Estates had released 10,928.54 acres from land acquisition proceedings between 2005 to 2014 and another 8,381.10 acres by the Department of Industries, alleging that the land was to only benefit builders and corporate houses.

In its counter-offensive, BJP added while Congress kept 13 laws out of the purview of the social impact and consent clause, the NDA government has empowered the states and asked them to take the decision on these clauses as per its needs.

It also said that during UPA regime 70 lakh employment opportunities were reduced and the money was spent by previous government on vote-luring schemes that could have been spent
on building infrastructurer in rural areas.

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