In its pursuit of getting things rearranged, a major overhaul of sorts can be expected in Sonia Gandhi-led party. The party, which is yet to emerge from the ruins of an embarrassing defeat, is trying to bring all dots together again.

In such a crucial and sensitive situation, any decision, if taken in haste may lead to dissent and division within the party and keeping this particular fact in mind, changes will be gradually brought in the next six months.

Till then, the party will be in a position to evaluate the performance of Modi government and also work out on its strategies from an all-new perspective.

According to sources, the results have as of now cast a pall of gloom and abdominal lull in the Congress camp and the party is not in a position to brainstorm over the current situation. No one in the party expected such a poor show.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who switched into an aggressive mode ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, blamed the senior leaders for the party’s poor showing. They were even sidelined and a new team led by Rahul came forward to take the charge.

Since then, the fight between the old and new kept on escalating and its impact could be clearly seen in the results of the Lok Sabha elections. The Congress candidates lost their deposits in 178 seats and Team Rahul’s members are on the firing line now.

The real problem with Congress lies in the fact that it has no leader besides Nehru-Gandhi family to lead the party. Even those leaders, who are against Rahul are finding it difficult to move ahead of the Congress vice-president and promoting Priyanka.

After realizing the disastrous outcome of this move, party president Sonia Gandhi has taken the entire control on her own hands as of now. She asked her old loyalists to take care of this delicate situation and look into the issue of appointing Opposition leaders in both Houses of the Parliament.

Besides, the Congress does not have even the required numbers of 55 seats to sit in Opposition as it has been reduced to just 44 seats.

The Union government, if it wishes, can even function without Opposition but the Congress came up with an argument that the Constitution allows the second largest party to be deemed as the Opposition and going by this yardstick, the grand old party, along with its allies, has an overall tally of 59 seats.

The party, which is yet to recover from the aftereffects of results, has decided not to adopt an out and out aggressive stance against the BJP-led government as of now. 


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