He also said that he was contemplating moving a privilege motion against Congress leader Anand Sharma after the latter made certain allegations against him in Rajya Sabha.

"There is no allegation of fraud, misappropriation or corruption made out against me or my company by CAG. If there are irregularities, they are against the UPA government... and CAG has raised questions on it.”

"This report goes to the Public Accounts Committee, I have no objection to it. I am ready for any probe. There is no question of fearing any inquiry. There is not even one per cent allegation of misappropriation, corruption or irregularity against me or my company," the Road Transport and Highways Minister told reporters outside Parliament.

He said that no rule was violated and all permissions were obtained and the entire issue involved a one-time settlement, which had happened as per Government of India rules.     

Alleging that the CAG report is deliberately being misinterpreted for political ends, Gadkari said, "If there is a demand for a minister's resignation, then there should be an inquiry against the then UPA minister."

He added that in the context of the said issue, he was neither an MP, nor the BJP President or even a functionary in the government in 2009. He was merely an MLC at the time, Gadkari pointed out.

As regards allegations levelled against him by Sharma in Rajya Sabha, the minister said he has obtained copies of the Congress leader's statements and was screening them as he was "contemplating moving a privilege motion against him".

Gadkari added that he has been told by many opposition leaders, who have not supported Congress on the issue, that Congress wants to stall the House for three days so that no Bill comes up.

"Congress has conspired in this so that the Bills that are in public interest should not be passed, so that no relief is given to the common man," he said.

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