"We have not seen leaders of other parties sitting together and discussing the formation of any such front. The formation of such front neither has any political significance nor any probability. So, the talks of such a front are vague," state Congress president Pradip Bhattacharya said.

“The probability of Banerjee becoming the country's prime minister was akin to ‘daydreaming’,” he said.

"People can indulge in daydreaming, but nobody is foreseeing any probability of her becoming the PM. She (Banerjee) is saying all this, just to heat up the political market. Those who are talking about her becoming the prime minister, they themselves don't believe in that," he added.

CPI-M leader Mohammad Salim accused Banerjee of neglecting the issues faced by the state to further her political ambitions.

"She is not concerned about the problems of the state, rather she is dreaming of capturing Delhi. She wants to set up a federal front with friendly parties, but I want to know why she is friendless," he quipped.

"She says her fight is against communalism... then why her party was absent when 14 parties participated in convection against communalism in Delhi," he asked.

Claiming that the Trinamool Congress was the only alternative against the Congress, BJP and Left Front, Banerjee at a party rally earlier in the day emphasized on the need for ‘federal front comprising of powerful states for good governance’.


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