"Sachin has some compulsions and that is why he has not been able to attend the House. So, he has written to the Chairman seeking leave and that has been approved," Congress leader Rajeev Shukla said outside Parliament.
The issue of Sachin's absence came up again in Rajya Sabha after the cricket icon sought leave from the House citing personal compulsions. The leave was granted by the House amidst opposition from some members.
Sachin and yesteryears Bollywood star Rekha last week came under attack in Rajya Sabha for their continued absence from the House since their nomination two years back.
When it was pointed out to Shukla that Sachin had come to Vigyan Bhavan last week but did not attend Rajya Sabha, he said, "Certain members are raising objections. But such leaves are granted to a lot many members.
Shukla, who is the Indian cricket board vice president, said that many members write such letters to the Chairman and are granted leave.
He said Sachin has pre-occupations, professional commitments, etc. due to which he has sought leave.
Giving his reaction in the matter, SP leader Ram Naresh Aggarwal said, "I do not oppose Sachin's application. I said that when Sachin was in Delhi, he should have come to the House."
The SP leader added, "We suggest that he has already played his first innings, that is cricket, and now he should play the second innings, which is the House, where country's important issues are tackled."

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