Union Ministers Girija Vyas and Jayanti Natrajan, former UPCC chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi and Mahila Congress chief Shobha Oza said the honour and dignity of every woman in India was at stake in the backdrop of "serious issue in which a young woman was stalked, followed, spied upon on during her every waking act by no less than an entire anti-terror squad of Gujarat Police".

"If government machinery is misused...., then obvious, Modi has no moral and political right to govern Gujarat...He does not deserve to be the PM candidate of BJP", Joshi said addressing a joint press conference along with Vyas, Natrajan and Oza at the AICC headquarters.

Bahuguna, a former UPCC chief, said BJP chief Rajnath Singh has himself "unraveled the mystery" behind who is the "Saheb" of former Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah, by making it clear that it was Narendra Modi.

Two investigative portals, Cobrapost and Gulail, had claimed on November 15 that Amit Shah, the former home minister of Gujarat and Modi's close aide, had ordered illegal surveillance of a woman at the behest of one "saheb".

They had released taped conversation between Shah and an IPS officer to back up their claim, adding that its authenticity could not be confirmed.

The women leaders wondered, "Does this illegal snooping not raise moral and ethical issues as to capability, mannerism and style of governance of Modi?”

"Can a person with such a flagrant disregard for law, Constitution and liberty of people be trusted to run any public responsibility and protect the rights of citizens", they asked.

Rajnath Singh has already ruled out a rethink on BJP's PM candidate.


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