"Congress knows that the moment masses get educated their chairs will be in danger," Modi said, addressing a poll meeting here on the last day of the campaigning for the November 25 Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh.
Targeting Nehru-Gandhi family, he said, "Why four generations of a family are saying the same thing (on poverty) but doing nothing for the people of the country."
Modi alleged that Congress is "not doing anything for the poor because it knows that if the country gets rid of poverty, they will be out of power."
"Whenever elections come, Congress keeps chanting in the name of poor. But they will do nothing (to remove it). If poverty goes, so will their chairs," he remarked.
The BJP leader recalled days of emergency and polls held in 1977 and urged "people to fight the elections".     

"I can say after touring Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan that people are fighting these elections (this time)," he said.
Praising Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for removing the BIMARU tag on MP, by launching a series of developmental programmes, Modi said, "I won't talk of Gujarat. There are two governments, one in Madhya Pradesh and other Rajasthan. See the difference in their work and then decide for whom to vote."


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