New Delhi: The instruction of Congress high command to include competent leaders in state committees in order to strengthen the party base has delayed the formation of Pradesh Working Committee. Rather than going for a big-sized committee, the party head has also passed instructions to restrict the size of party committees in states.

The directions have proved a major bottleneck in the formation of party committees in states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Following the delay, Congress leadership has ordered the state units to announce their committees within two weeks.

For years, Congress has followed the theory of forming state committees comprising many members to adjust maximum possible party functionaries. Last time over 450 members were accommodated in Uttar Pradesh working committee.

In most of the states, the Congress working committee has over a hundred members. However, from this year onwards the Congress has come up with a new formula for the state committees. While the party committee of smaller states will have 31 members, the number of committee members in bigger states will not exceed 51.  It is a major problem being confronted by the senior state leaders in framing the committees.

Six months have passed since Sonia Gandhi was nominated as party head but the working committees of only two dozen states have been announced. The 51-member UP Pradesh working committee has been announced only10 days ago.

Interestingly, no working committee has been constituted in Uttarakhand, which is going to polls before UP. Similarly, Himachal Pradesh Congress unit is also to announce it working committee. The Congress leadership has directed the leaders of both the states to constitute the working committee within two weeks.