New Delhi: Congress on Wednesday reacted sharply to Samajwadi Party's criticism reminding it that its chief Mulayam Singh Yadav was on the dais at the UPA's third anniversary showing its report card.

Party spokesperson Rashid Alvi also trashed the possibility of emergence of any Third Front even as Yadav spoke of his party playing a major role in the country after the 2014 election and SP general secretary Mohan Singh maintaining that the seeds have already been sown for such an alliance.

Asked about Yadav's remarks that the reputation of the Congress has been tainted throughout the country due to the scams, Alvi said "I do not know what Mulayam Singh Yadav has said.

"But I know when the UPA was releasing its performance report on completion of three years, the SP chief was standing with the Prime Minister and showing UPA report card to people of the country, which carried the achievements in other states," the Congress spokesperson said.

At the AICC briefing, Alvi castigated Mohan Singh for his remarks that Rahul Gandhi has shown little to prove that he can lead politically and the country's future would be safe in his hands.

"I do not know who is Mohan Singh. Perhaps he was removed as spokesperson of Samajwadi Party because he keeps making such statements. If somebody has made some comments about Rahul Gandhi, he does not know either the Congress or the Congress leader. I condemn if anybody has made such remarks," Alvi said.

At a press conference in Kolkata, Mohan Singh on Wednesday said, "since the last one and half to two years, the country has faced several challenges, so many issues have come up, but I have not heard any serious opinion on these from him (Rahul Gandhi). So, how can I say that the future of the country will remain safe in the hands of Rahul Gandhi?".

Alvi also recalled that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav had himself said that Rahul Gandhi should assume a larger role soon. "So whose words are more important. Those spoken by the UP Chief Minister or some party MP," Alvi asked.

On the Third Front, he said, "Ask the question of Mulayam Singh Yadav. Congress is not making Third Front.... If you look at the history, the Third Front has never been successful. It has always been shortlived. I do not see any possibility for emergence of a Third Front," the Congress spokesperson said.

A party leader speaking on the condition of anonymity said that the SP chief was making these moves to try his last percieved chance of becoming Prime Minister and Congress is not unduly worried over the move as such attempts have been made in the past as well.

The leader, however, said that there was little possibility of even Left supporting Yadav's Prime Ministerial ambitions as the situation has changed from the past.


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