"We, unlike BJP, have never said that make somebody prime minister who can solve all yours problems. For us, politics is all about people and they should have power in their hands," Gandhi said.

"Why should there be one 'chowkidar' like they want. We want to make you the 'chowkidar' of the country. Hindustan ki chaabhi kisi ek haath me nahi par sabke haath me hona chahiye," he said.

The Congress leader, on his third visit to the state for campaigning, criticized the BJP for trying to impose the 'Gujarat model' across the country.

"Assam does not need Gujarat model. We have Assam model here and each state must have their own model," he said.

"In Gujarat, the poor cannot dream. It is only the rich who can dream but for Congress, every individual has the right to dream. The poor, labourers, farmers have the right to dream of having their children getting better education and employment opportunities," he said.

He accused the opposing of stalling crucial bills in the Parliament.

"It is the opposition which stalled the passage of the Women's Reservation Bill in Parliament guaranteeing 33 percent reservations to them," Gandhi said.


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