New Delhi: Against the backdrop of the controversy surrounding Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi, the Congress on Thursday said "such problems and occasions" are part of coalition governments.

"Leader of the House in Lok Sabha Pranab Mukherjee has very clearly articulated that when you are a running coalition government, such problems and occasions do arrive. They happened in the past," Union minister Ambika Soni told reporters here.

Referring to attacks by the BJP in Parliament on the issue, she said there were similar instances when the NDA was ruling for six years.

"What happened? How they listened to coalition partners. This happens. Each one has different political compulsions and they put it across," she said.

She scoffed at suggestions that the controversy has made the UPA government a 'laughing stock' but said it was "unfortunate."

"I think such things should not happen, but since it has taken place, we have to deal with it. But nevertheless, the leadership is looking at it and as soon as the Prime Minister has something which is concrete, the House will be kept informed," she said, adding that the principle of "give and take" applies to coalition governments.

The controversy arose after Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee took exception to her party colleague Trivedi proposing hike in passenger fares in the Railway Budget.