Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar also attacked Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on being "active" these days and said some people go on "hibernation" for 56 days after being "hyperactive".

"Congress is facing bankruptcy of ideas. They are throwing stones at us but those stones are hitting them back at double speed. The mud they are throwing at us is falling on their faces. We are doing good work, they had done wrong," Javadekar cited.

Opposition's allegation that the present government is a "suit-boot ki sarkar", Javadekar said the previous UPA regime was a "suitcase ki sarkar" and it should not point at the NDA government.

"Arunji (Arun Jaitley) cited that our government is not 'suit-boot ki sarkar' but 'sooj-boojh ki sarkar'. But Congress government was 'suitcase ki sarkar'. They should first reveal that part. When their government was 'suitcase ki sarkar', why they are pointing at us," he said.

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