"Manmohan Singh has been disowned by his own party. And the Congress does not have the courage to project Rahul Gandhi as its prime ministerial candidate because of his failure to connect with the masses," Punj told media here.

He alleged that when Rahul publicly tore the ordinance on convicted politicians, approved by the Cabinet, it was a clear rebuff to Singh and the Parliamentary form of Government.

The BJP leader claimed it was clear that in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Singh will no longer be the prime ministerial face of the Congress. But which is the new face? he asked. The country was still in dark about the identity of the new face, he added.

Since Rahul has simply failed to connect with the masses, the Congress was reluctant to project him for the high office. "So, there is clear vacuum at the top," the BJP leader said.

Explaining, Punj said, the present crises was a direct fallout of an "extra constitutional arrangement" that was put in place by UPA-I, under this bizarre system, the office of Prime Minister is with Manmohan Singh and Sonia has all the power with no accountability.

"The coal block allocation scam, which cost the country Rs 1.86 lakh crore (as per CAG findings) took place when Manmohan Singh was the minister in charge of Coal Ministry," he said.

"Nothing could have happened in that ministry without his knowledge and approval. All the there Ministers of State for coal, Dasari Narayan Rao, Santhosh Bagrodia and Shri Prakash Jaiswal during this period were not from any coalition partner, but from Congress", Punj said.

Both, China and Pakistan, Punj said have become emboldened and aggressive towards India.

China, Punj said, "Has moved deep into Indian territory, to take advantages of a weak Government".

The BJP, by projecting Narendera Modi, has offered a clear choice in this respect. "And no wonder, Modi is drawing huge crowds, leaving the Congress nervous and voters energized," he claimed.


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