Ahmadabad: Albeit the Congress-led Central Government is continuously hiking the petrol prices, the party has promised the slump of petrol price by Rs 10 if the party comes into power in the state.

In the wake of Assembly Polls next year, the Congress has already started doling poll sops for the state. In a verbal spat against the Modi government, State Congress President Arjun Bhai Modhwadia alleged that the state government is misusing the funds provided by the Centre.

“Apart from health and education sector, corruption is quite prevalent in power and transport sector,” said Modhwadia.

“Villagers are craving for their basic needs and the Chief Minister Narendra Modi spends crores of rupees on grand celebrations.  More than 4 lakh farmers are waiting for electricity connection, whereas TATA Motors’ Nano plant got connection within 24 hours,” he alleged.

“If the Congress comes into power, we will reduce the petrol prices and tax burden in the state,” said Shankar Singh Vaghela, a senior Congress leader.