Congress, which has so far failed to counter Modi’s growing popularity, is delighted over Kejriwal’s claims. The Congress leaders in Delhi are quite happy with the manner in which Kejriwal has targeted Modi over the last three days.

Delighted with the clashes that broke out between BJP-AAP supporters in Gujarat and Delhi, a senior Congress leader said, “It will be in favour of the Congress party.”

However, the Congress leaders in Gujarat are not elated over the latest political development. They are of the opinion that Kejriwal will cut anti-Modi votes in Gujarat, which will be damaging the Congress.

Kejriwal reaches Delhi in private jet

Kejriwal, who has so far opposed the VIP culture, used a private jet to return to Delhi from Jaipur.

The AAP leader, however, issued a clarification in this regard, saying the expenses of the private jet were paid by a media group which invited him to attend their conclave.

BJP leader Smriti Irani hit out at Kejriwal on the issue. Irani said Kejriwal, who claims to be against the VIP culture, does not follow what he says. She said the former Delhi chief minister has still not vacated the bungalow alloted to him by the government.


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