New Delhi: The recent revelation of Army Chief General VK Singh that he was being offered Rs 14 crore as bribe has pushed the UPA Government into fresh controversy. It remains to be seen that how will the Centre deal with the crisis. The Congress is terming the startling disclosure as a fierce hurdle for the party in General Elections 2014.

The endless battle between the Government and Army Chief has left the Congress parliamentarians in a very awkward position as they consider the fresh setback by General Singh is likely to dent the image of the party and will adversely affect the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

After handling a tough fight with the Army Chief over the age row, the Central Government is again in piquant position after VK Singh alleged that he had been offered bribe of Rs 14 crore by a retired Lt Gen for swinging a sub-standard defence deal. The General’s comment that the country is facing serious crisis of ammunition and use of obsolete air defence is weakening the country’s defence capabilities has further exposed the country’s strategic capacity.

Expressing wrath over the issue, a senior Congress MP said, “The Government’s strategists and central leadership has left us nowhere. The allegations involving nation’s security concerns are very serious. They (strategists) are not the one who is answerable to the common man. We find us in a very bad position as we have to face the public and satisfy their grievances.”

Echoing similar views, a youth Congress leader from Uttar Pradesh said, “The issue has now reached beyond the horizons of politics. The Opposition parties including BJP are behaving immaturely over the matter. So, our role becomes more responsible as any mistake can reignite the row and we have to bear the consequences in 2014 polls.”